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enMESHed into Fall 2015 Sponsorship Packages :)

enMESHed into Fall 2015 will be taking sponsorships this time around. This is new to me, so bare with me as I work out the kinks. I have had many people come to me asking me if I offer this so I want to give everyone what they want. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please send Zoey Evanier a notecard or message if she is online :).

enMESHed into Summer 2015 ends as enMESHed into Fall 2015 begins!

Thank you everyone! For the amazing love and support during the enMESHed into Summer 2015 Hunt. I hope you all enjoyed get ready….enMESHed into fall is officially underway! See application below if you are interested in applying for the enMESHed into Fall 2015 hunt!


enMESHed into Fall 2015

After having been nominated for two awards for the Hunties Award (Best Grid Wide Hunt and Best Hunt Orginizer), enMESHed hunts is back with our Annual Fall hunt. This year is going to be bigger than ever. Want to drive up traffic to your store? looking to increase sales? Having a hunt at your place is a way to do just that. Our followers are up to 2000 and grows by the day. Fill out the application below to snag your spot in the enMESHed into Fall hunt 2015. If you have any questions feel free to send Zoey Evanier a notecard in world as IMs are capped and your message most likely will not be seen.


~*enMESHed Into Fall Hunt*~



Store Name:



Blog or Website:


*please note the prize must be MESH and fall or Halloween related*

Please rename the application to store name (avi name) , fill out the application and send completed applications to Zoey Evanier – Our HQ location hunts

SLife Avi Choice Awards Nominee Award Now on Display


Winner of the SLife Avi Choice Awards Favorite Hunt Orginizer

Though enMESHed Hunts did not win this year, it was still an honor to be even nominated. Thanks to everyone for your Love and support and a big congratulation to the winner Mad Peas Kiana Writer! It was tough competition and that award is well deserved to her!

<3 Zoey

Some of the Wonderful gifts you will receive for the Summer 2015 Hunt

So many good prizes I could not fit them all in, however I did the best I could :D Hope you all enjoy

<3 Zoey

Summer Prize 2015 1

Items in this picture include:

  • Cabin Fever Chair – The Artist Shed
  • Ice Cream Mouth – Nomiki’s Creation
  • Summer Skies – Desi’s Prints
  • Vintage Watering Can – Red Pepper Designs
  • Dabs Gown – Paisley Daisy
  • Beach Plaques – Shabby Tabby

Summer Prize 2015 2

Items in this picture include:

  • Chic Spode Blue Dress – Dresses by Lexi
  • Blue Willow Wicker Terrace Chair and Table – True North Designs
  • Georgian Gazebo – Surge
  • Tropic Island Cake – Pink & Zain’s Wedding Shop
  • Surfer’s Necklace – !IT!
  • Ladies Sun Glasses with Hud – MEVA
  • Dove House – Aylas Garden

Summer Prize 2015 3

Items in this picture include:

  • Garden Party – The Mustard Seed
  • Everlasting Sand Castle – ChianaO
  • Backyard movie Lounge – Adorably Strange Ware

enMESHed into Summer 2015!

Get ready, get set, HUNT! enMESHed into Summer will begin tonight at MIDNIGHT SLT!!! Are you guys ready? I know I am, Happy Hunting

<3 Zoey

Countdown to enMESHed hunts has begun!!!

It is official, the countdown until enMESHed into Summer 2015 Hunt starts!! Are you excited yet? We are, there are some AMAZING stores lined up with fabulous rewards!!! This time you are looking for a Popsicle, many different flavors to be exact. Keep your eyes peeled enMESHed into Summer begins in just 12 DAYS!!


<3 Zoey

enMESHed Hunts Nominated for Avi Choice Awards

enMESHed hunts has done it again. We are nominated for the SLife AVI Choice awards!!! I am so humbled by this and really appreciate all the love and support you guys show me and enmeshed hunts. I created this for you guys and do it for no money or payout. I love each and everyone one of you and thank you so much for all your love and support!

Please take the time out and vote for enMESHed Hunts :D You can vote at :

I love you all

<3 Zoey Evanier

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