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enMESHed Monthly Tease

With a little less that two weeks away until our April Box, we couldn’t contain our excitement any longer and wanted to give you a taste of one out of the ten gifts you will be receiving if you have preordered your box. Also check out .:EM:. New facebook page here


April Tease 1.jpg

enMESHed Into Spring Has Begun

Today is the day, enMESHed into spring and begun! The hunt is up and popping. Get started now by teleporting to our headquarters HERE. There is also time to order your monthly mystery crate. Better get it now before time runs out on you! Happy Hunting.



EIS 2017 Sneek Peak.jpg

enMESHed into Spring and .:EM:. April Edition

Only THREE more days until enMESHed into spring begins. Stores lined up this time include WOW skins! So awesome to have them join our family. Stay tuned I have a sneak peak coming tomorrow at one of the gifts. enMESHed Monthly is now on sale at our headquarters. You have until the 1st to pick it up! ❤ Zoey

enMESHed Monthly

Greetings everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed our enMESHed into Christmas hunt. The gears are getting oiled up for the enMESHed into Spring hunt, and there are some amazing stores lined up and creating free gifts for you. On top of another hunt enMESHed has created .:enMESHed Monthly:. which is a monthly subscription box service in second life. We hand picked the stores that will be bringing you monthly boxes to keep you busy in between hunts. Head over to for a list of stores and more information. Either way you are sure to become enMESHed!


❤ Zoey

SL Avi Choice Awards Nominations!

WE DID IT AGAIN! enMESHed hunts has been nominated for a second time for favorite hunt organizer. We need your help to bring the trophy home to where it belongs. Please take a minute out to go to and vote for Zoey Evanier as favorite Hunt Organizer.


Again thank you all so very much for your love and support.


❤ Zoey

Sneak Peak of Some Gifts .jpg

enMESHed into fall Mini Hunt Starts in just under 3 hours!!!

We are so excited that the enMESHed into fall mini hunt starts in just under three hours guys. Get ready because 1st place will get 1000L!!! Who is it going to be? Cant wait to see make sure you come on out at 12 slt 😀EIF MINI hunt click here.jpg

enMESHed into fall Mini Hunt 2016

Thats right hunties…..We couldn’t wait for the enMESHed into fall hunt to begin so we wanted to bring you a mini hunt. On September 18th at 12pm SLT there will be a one day mini hunt where you can win up too 1000$L and so much more 😀 Cant wait to see you there.


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