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Will you become enMESHed in our hunts?

enMESHed into fall Mini Hunt Starts in just under 3 hours!!!

We are so excited that the enMESHed into fall mini hunt starts in just under three hours guys. Get ready because 1st place will get 1000L!!! Who is it going to be? Cant wait to see make sure you come on out at 12 slt😀EIF MINI hunt click here.jpg

enMESHed into fall Mini Hunt 2016

Thats right hunties…..We couldn’t wait for the enMESHed into fall hunt to begin so we wanted to bring you a mini hunt. On September 18th at 12pm SLT there will be a one day mini hunt where you can win up too 1000$L and so much more😀 Cant wait to see you there.


enMESHed Into Fall and Octoberville Prizes

I dont know about you but there are some BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING gifts this go around. I feel like I say that every time though LOL.


The owner of enMESHed Hunts interviewed

Earlier today the owner of enMESHed hunts was interviewed what did she have to say? Listen below

enMESHed Hunts Headquarters Down?

Did the grand opening of enMESHed into Octoberville and Fall crash the sim? No…its just a normal Tuesday morning in second life. Please note if you try to tp to the sim and you cannot get in this fine Tuesday morning…second life is doing maintenance and it should be back up shortly. But no there is nothing wrong we are still going full force and strong with this hunt…just gotta bare with the second life glitches and hiccups😀

enMESHed into Fall and Octoberville has offically OPENED :D

enMESHed into Fall and enMESHed into Octobervill has officially kicked off and is underway. Will you solve the clues to what happend to the creators of Octoberville? Or will you just participate in the regular enMESHed into fall hunt. The choice is up to you! Either way there are TONS of free and great prizes for you to find and they are all made of mesh :D!

enMESHed into Fall 2015 and enMESHed into Octoverville begins TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT

Are you guys ready? We know we are. The wait is finally over and the time has now come….enMESHed hunts opens tonight at midnight SLT. Dont forget…there is not one…but TWO HUNTS this time😀.

enMESHed Into Octoberville Trailer

enMESHed into Fall 2015 and enMESHed into Octoberville! What is it? How do I play?

The staff behind enMESHed hunts has been hard at work to bring to you…not one but TWO hunts for the fall of 2015!. That’s right TWO hunts. What does this mean for you….more hunting which you all love but MORE PRIZES as well!!! Here is a break down of how it works:

When you teleport into the enMESHed hunts headquarters there are two hunt options. You can do both, none or all😉. The choice is up to you.

For the enMESHed into fall 2015 hunt, walk up the hill in front of you to our familiar headquarters office. Right under the subscribe group you will find the first hunt item that will be set for sale for 0L$ which this year is a decorative pumpkin candle holder. See image below


click on that pumpkin and buy it for 0L$ to get your landmark to your first store location. From there it will just be like the regular hunt. You follow the landmarks to the stores collect your prize and the next landmark to the next location. In your final store you will receive a landmark and instructions on how to complete the enMESHed into Octoberville portion of the hunt.

enMESHed into Octoberville Hunt

To begin the enMESHed into Octoberville portion of the hunt you can either take the landmark given from the previous hunt listed above or look for the sign pictured below to begin your journey


Once you click on the Kiosk, you will be given a drop down menu that will give you the option to join the hunt. Click join hunt to begin your journey. You will be given a notecard as well as a scavenger hunt list of the items you need to find. There are 66 items. Once you find all items on that list you will be given a teleport to the secrete prize location to collect your ADDITIONAL prizes from all of our wonderful sponsors. **Please note, this second portion of the hunt is not meant to be easy. It is supposed to be a challenge and something that is not to be completed in a day. As with the original Octoberville there is a group you can join for support. Feel free to ask for help in the group however do not spoil it for others who may not want help. Keep the specifics to private IM’s😀. Remember, click everything, look everywhere up down high low. There are hidden places that are not easily found. Including a corn maze and caverns.

I really hope you all enjoy these two hunts!

❤ Zoey

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