Starting Location enMESHed Hunts HQ

1- Mahlberg Tailors Workz

2- [CIRCA] Living

3- The Artist Shed – If I were a pumpkin, I’d wear plaid

4- True North Designs – ‘Bats like to hang upside down in shadowy places!’

5- [evoLove] -Fly around up and down, a room with Gacha I will be found.

6- Hatter ‘n Hell plus

7- Stitches Creations – EEEEEKKKK! A Ghost!

8- AdelleArts Manor Fashions – In the Teen Dept. Look for the ones who have the bikes!

9- Closer to the Heart Creations

10- Lunar Seasonal Designs – It has glass sides, but not for looking outside

11- C.M.D. Art and Furniture – Go near to the scarecrow 😉

12- NoName

13- A Touch of Magic / Moon Magic Creations & Co.

14- Vero Modero – Can a bat live inside a cage?

15- Whimsical Happenings – It’s just me & a pumpkin

16- Hardcore Clothing


18- {Lazzira}

19- Perfections Clothing

20-Dreamscapes Art Gallery – Please click the Hint giver at the hunt sign

21- Athena Couture- the stairs will lead you to your prize.


23- Tainted Rebel


25- Loordes of London (NOT WORKING AS OF MIDNIGHT SLT)

26- Stone’s Works

27- Coull Creations – Whats all this funny business?

28- EED Home&Garden – Sunflowers always turn their head towards the sun … or gifts !

29- Ewing Arts -you will need lots of oxygen to feed your brain to find this one 😀

30- Adorably Strange Wares – This Art Deco style of furniture is the Bee’s Knees.

31- The Mesh Cloud – A gift in a bag


33- PrimPossible – In the midst of pain and misery
A light shone upon the weary
The darkest hour of thy life
It lifted me up with a sight
That fire made everything bright

34- ::::Desiree’s Desire::::

35- Dusti’s Odds & End’s

36- Whatchama Call It??

37- Holli Pocket – I’m still fluffy pink and cute even with scary wings! 

38- Ab.Fab – “Inside the store a taste of India”

39- boutique #187-

Oh you are looking for your gift ? Great !!
If you can’t find it maybe put some glasses !!! Dark one ? Yes sure !!!

Enjoy ♥


40- Bumbershoot – “Oh my….What IS that down there?”

41- Out of Orbit – They say the fruit never falls far from the tree.

42- Souled Out

43- Pixel Purrfect Productions – *sniff, sniff* Smells like pumpkin spice!

44- Le Fashion Whore – You might pick up one of these
When you go out to a patch
Carve it, put in a candle
And then light it with a match
From October to November
You’ll see me about
I’m in lattes and pies, a treat for your mouth!
What am I?

45- ::Blossom Beachware:: – When it’s Midnight, don’t get mad, GET A NEW BIKINI!!

46- Kreepshow Kouture – Look for me around midnight

47- %Percent Furniture & Lighting

48- IMaGE Factory- Ivyana Zong is bat crazy for shorty shorts

49- Halloween House

50- Barefoot Apparel

51- Black Rose Designs – Hint: #1. Not a broken tumbler.
#2. A dark knight.

52-Rose Your Life (RYL) -Water is falling down a mountain.

53- ::cute as f*ck::

54- Spyralle

55- Solstice

56- * WICKED *

57- Epoch

58- Chop Shop Motors