enMESHed Hunts was created with the idea that there really are no meshed biased hunts out that I have found (someone correct me if I am wrong about this). They have texture hunts as well as sculpt hunts so why not have a mesh biased hunt. enMESHed will host four hunts a year (summer, fall, winter, spring). If you want to know how to become enMESHed you can IM (Jeni Porta) Zoey Evanier in world or send a notecard.

2 years into, our group has flourished and exceeded any and all expectations that were set fourth of it. Having been nominated for hunt group, grid wide hunt, and hunt organizer of the year, enMESHed hunts is taking the hunting world by storm. Big changes will be underway that will help the hunters and vendors alike :). Stay Tuned

-Will you become enMESHed?