enMESHed hunts has been nominated for best hunt group of the year as well as best hunt organizer of the year for the Hunties awards 2015 as well as Hunt/Organizer of the year for the SLife Avi choice awards (click here to vote!)

With over 2000 people following enMESHed hunts in its subscribe group is no wonder you  may want to be a part of it. Getting in is easy…just fill out the application below and state which hunt you are applying for. There are currently four (enMESHed into Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas). Once that is done send your completed application in world to Jeni Porta (Zoey.Evanier).

~*enMESHed Hunts*~



Store Name:



Blog or Website:



*please note the prize must be MESH and fits in with the season you are applying for. Ie summer, fall winter, spring*
Please rename the application to store name (avi name) , fill out the application and send completed applications to Zoey Evanier