.: enMESHed Monthly :.

Predorders for the enMESHed Monthly are going on NOW. Tp on down where you can grab your mystery box for only $L900. Thats right 11 high quality mesh gifts for $L 900 only that is a hell of a steal. June’s theme for the box is Summer Lovin’ I cant wait to see what the curators have cooked up for you all this month.

Next Months Mystery Box will FEATURE a guest creator…..(drum roll please) Apple May Designs has signed up for a one time only deal on enMESHed Monthly July edition! So fricken excited for that. So stay tuned for updates. Not in our group? Tp on down to our headquarters to join the group or if you dont have group room you can always join our subscribe group. Either way you will stay updated so you dont miss that box, it will surely be our best yet!

.: enMESHed Hunts News :.

Stores are getting setup for our Annual Summer hunt, and we are still taking applications for it. See the notecard attached for more information. Or if you just want to participate come back to our headquarters on June 15th to begin your adventure.

.: enMESHed Monthly Mens News :.

We are so very close to be able to launch our mens monthly mystery box. We need just a few more stores to make it happen. See the notecard below to apply and get your store involved.
Thats all the news I got today