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Will you become enMESHed in our hunts?

May Monthly Tease 1 - Pixel Creations.jpg


enMESHed into Spring and Monthly May Box

Tomorrow is the last day for the enMESHed Into Spring hunt. If you havent finished yet make sure you get on it tonight. We will be taking preorders for enMESHed Monthly May Edition. Get your box now before they run out

enMESHed is Now Hiring

Like to promote in second life? Have connections and want to make extra linden? enMEShed may be for you. We are now looking for one or two individuals who posses the gift of gab and promoting. Im zoey evanier in world or send a notecard if you are interested.

Pillows joins enMESHed Monthly

Lets welcome our newest store to enMESHed Monthly.

Pillows Logo.JPG

Monthly Tease 2.jpg

enMESHed Monthly April 2017

enMESHed Monthly’s first box will be released in just 7 days. Get your preordered today before the price goes up. You can claim yours for just 900L. Get ready yall Its going down. This months theme will be “April Showers”


You can still complete the enMESHed into spring hunt which will run until April 15th? Like what you got. Take a picture with all your gifts and send it to Zoey Evanier in world to win a free enMESHed Monthly Box :).

enMESHed Monthly Tease

With a little less that two weeks away until our April Box, we couldn’t contain our excitement any longer and wanted to give you a taste of one out of the ten gifts you will be receiving if you have preordered your box. Also check out .:EM:. New facebook page here


April Tease 1.jpg

enMESHed Into Spring Has Begun

Today is the day, enMESHed into spring and begun! The hunt is up and popping. Get started now by teleporting to our headquarters HERE. There is also time to order your monthly mystery crate. Better get it now before time runs out on you! Happy Hunting.



EIS 2017 Sneek Peak.jpg

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