Thank you everyone! For the amazing love and support during the enMESHed into Summer 2015 Hunt. I hope you all enjoyed get ready….enMESHed into fall is officially underway! See application below if you are interested in applying for the enMESHed into Fall 2015 hunt!


enMESHed into Fall 2015

After having been nominated for two awards for the Hunties Award (Best Grid Wide Hunt and Best Hunt Orginizer), enMESHed hunts is back with our Annual Fall hunt. This year is going to be bigger than ever. Want to drive up traffic to your store? looking to increase sales? Having a hunt at your place is a way to do just that. Our followers are up to 2000 and grows by the day. Fill out the application below to snag your spot in the enMESHed into Fall hunt 2015. If you have any questions feel free to send Zoey Evanier a notecard in world as IMs are capped and your message most likely will not be seen.


~*enMESHed Into Fall Hunt*~



Store Name:



Blog or Website:


*please note the prize must be MESH and fall or Halloween related*

Please rename the application to store name (avi name) , fill out the application and send completed applications to Zoey Evanier – Our HQ location hunts