We have been hard at work moving our headquarters to a bigger location! Our new HQ can be found here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Seduced/185/39/21

As we begin working on the enMESHed into fall hunt, we have noticed what did not go particularity right with the first hunt. Thank you for having patience as this was our first hunt so of course there are always going to be snags. Rest assure we are working to make certain these snags do not happen again. Thank you all for the amazing feedback. That being said…its time to get your applications in for the next hunt. Just copy and paste the application below into a notecard and send it to Jeni Porta in world.


enMESHed into Fall Hunt Application

Theme: Mesh, Fall, Halloween
Hunt Name: enMESHed Into Fall
Hunt Date: Aug 15th to Sept 15th
Applications Date: Will accept applications until Aug 1st
Organisers SL Name: Jeni Porta
Any Other Info: Just make sure the prize item is Mesh and relates to fall or halloween
cost of hunt item: 0
Hunt Prim: Maple Leaf
Please Fill out The following information on a note card and submit to Jeni Porta in-world

Name Note Card : enMESHed(name of your store)(your sl name)

Your Name:
Alternate Contact if any:
Blog or Website Link:
Region Maturity:
Gift you are planning to make:

A picture of your gift along with a hunt hint should be submitted no later than August 5th.